Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chloe's Party

Chloe's party was a great success and full of fun. We can't believe that she's actually 7. God we're old!

The menu consisted of a Goat cheese tart, homemade pizza, lasagna, shrimp skewers, meatballs, and of course drinks. The royal jacks are deadly, so next time you guys come over, let me make you few. The food and conversation were good and the weather was perfect, so we were able to enjoy the patio for most of the day.

Things got a little heated however, when Ryan's family started playing the Wii that Ry got Chloe and I for our birthday. Needless to say, competitiveness runs in his family and it got frantic for a while. Chloe had 5 of her friends spend the night, and it won't happen again. Little girls are NUTS!

Well, I guess that's it. I want to Thank all of you that came. We really do appreciate and love all of you. Chloe scored with all of her AWESOME gifts and cards, as did I.
Love you!