Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well week 2 was a bear but we got through it. We got most of math done and got through Art, History, Science, Music, and some reading. I can't imagine how much more hectic the schedule will be like once we get our Language Arts Materials. Since we're technically behind in language, I'm sure that we'll have to play catchup. I really want to "bank" some Math lessons so that we can just focus on Language when the materials arrive.

I suppose I just didn't realize how much work I would be doing. So far I think that the curriculum is great, it's just taking a long time to get through it. Chloe is taking notes, and I know that she wasn't working this hard in regular school. We both get a little frustrated at times, but breaks and outside walks help. This upcoming week we are going to the Coast for our first field trip. That will be really fun.

Sorry if I've been a bad friend, just busy.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Finally doing it!

Well this week was our first official week with Chloe's new at home schooling option. I have really tried to keep my cool; from reminding myself that I'm not dealing with an adult to not having all of our materials here and ready to use. We started Math, History, Science, and Art this week so it's been eventful. I knew that Chloe was struggling with Math, but after being with her this week I wonder what they actually taught her at St. Paul's. Chloe is afraid to ask for help when she doesn't understand. I have really tried to emphasize to her that I am here to help and to give her tools that will facilitate her grasp of the information. It's helping, but I'm afraid we have a long way to go.
Chloe made a self portrait of herself this week and I have to say it's a masterpiece. She really loved Art and was amazed that paint can be made to look so real. This also made me realize that it's been much too long since we've been to a museum, so we're heading to the LA County Art Museum in November. It's going to be LOTS of hard work, but I know that we'll get through it.