Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm a hockey mom through and through


So as most of you know we went up to San Jose today for Chloe to attend a hockey camp for girls that was hosted by the San Jose Sharks Jrs, so no real Sharks for me today.  It wasn't fun getting up and hitting the road by 6:30 am but it was all worth it.  Chloe loves hockey as a fan, and now she actually wants to play hockey.  How cute is she in all of that gear.  We also got the opportunity to visit the Smiths which was fun and made me really miss those guys.

We got there early and caught the end of the New Jersey Devils' practice who we play on Tuesday night.  Hooray!  Loved the Olympics, but missed my hockey.  They have a rep for having some big guys on the team, however, in suits they're not all that.


Ryan is helping tape the socks onto Chloe's body because she's so skinny. 
At first it wasn't all smiles since Chloe has never had hockey gear on and she's never actually ice skated, but # 13 from the SJ Jr. Sharks girls' team was there to lend a hand and offer moral support.

Once she was off and running she was the slowest, but that didn't stop her determination.  All the coaches saw how much effort she was making and were there to lend a hand.
By the end of the day she was a lean, mean hockey machine with the help of the awesome coaching staff.  After hockey clinic we headed over to the Smiths house to have some lunch and got the pleasure of finally meeting that insanely cute Thomas.


What a handsome boy eating his quesadilla while we ate some really good Thai.
Even when things weren't going so well, he's still a really cute guy.  Come on.


There was even time for some book reading.  Those are really cute kids.  Thank you Smiths for being such awesome hosts and sharing your darling boy with us.