Saturday, June 2, 2007

Update Again!

Well, lots has been happening in our little family, and it's about time that we let you know all about it.

Ryan left TAG on April 15 and beginning June 11 will be working for cash edge as their IT Manager for US operations. The exciting thing about this company is that they are in expansion. They are also INC's 101 ranked privately owned company and they will go public next year. There is also room for him to climb the corporate latter, and he will more than likely be Director again in a year or so, we guess. We are all happy and excited for him.

I officially was diagnosed with a partially collapsed left lung and with asthma. I go to Stanford in July to either have my lung re-inflated or to be told that it did it on its' own. I have been feeling better since I've been exercising, but some days are completely unbearable. At least I know what I have and that really does help. I should be back and around to normal activity soon.

Chloe is almost out of school, and on her last day we are going to take her to the Montecito Resort for a couple of days. It's a surprise so we're looking forward to astonishing her. I'll update our blog when we get back. Ciao.