Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm in love!

Ryan and I got new bikes this weekend and I'm in love. We went to Wilson's bike shop downtown and picked up two Worksman Cycles, but they are more like tanks really. These heavy duty bikes are industrial bikes made in the USA as they are ordered. My bike is white with chrome baskets in the rear and one in the front. Ryan's bike is blue and his rack is being ordered by Wilson's as we speak. Our bikes are steel and the tires are made of kevlar, which means that we'll never have a flat. We are having Wilson's look into ordering some standby generator lights, but that may not be possible; these lights are powdered by you and the standby option keeps them on while you are at stoplights. If they can't find them then we'll just have them install basic generator lights. Either way we are stoked and we are desperately trying to teach Chloe to ride her bike so that we can have family rides. I've been to Borders, Costco, and Savemart (just to name a few places) already on mine and I love it! I feel really healthy and as if I am being a good world citizen by not driving my car so much. I've gotten many complements on my bike from senior citizens and children alike.

School is going well. We are still catching up, but I'm not going to worry about it since Thanksgiving vacation will give us ample time to catch up and maybe get ahead.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Week 5 and Going Strong

My week started with a bang when Alicia (my mom) took Chloe and kept her an extra day without even a phone call. We are caught up with our core subjects except for music. I really dislike music theory. In retrospect I should have opted for the foreign language instead of music, maybe next year. I've discovered the schedule that works for Chloe and I is doing all subjects except for music and French during the week and music and French on the weekends. We are moving along and so far I'm intact.

I decided this week to make time for myself which will include my book club on Friday and I thought a local screening of Religulous. To my dismay, I was disappointed to see that OF COURSE it was not playing in Visalia. I just thought, wow, creationist propaganda is the only thing that sells in the Valley. It's disappointing that I have to drive to Fresno. It's disappointing that people don't actually challenge their beliefs by exposing themselves to different viewpoints. I suppose that's why we got Bush, people like being complacent.

What a home run Biden had last night! Palin didn't fuck things up as much as I had anticipated she would, but she never really answered ANY questions either. I was REALLY wanting to see another Couric fiasco so I was disappointed a bit. Obama should win. McCain and Palin are dangerous. She wants to be Cheney and expand on powers that constitutionally Cheney shouldn't have. She scares me for her lack of insight, intelligence, empathy (poor wolves), and willingness to admit that she's fallible. That smug anti-intellectual "I've got common sense" rant that she and Bush share is dangerous. I'm comforted by the fact that she didn't really help her ticket move up and disappointed that she will no longer hemorrhage the McCain campaign. She's no Maverick, just another stupid hick trying to bite off more than she SHOULD chew.